Redout: Space Assault is a new tactical lightning-fast singleplayer combat space game

34BigThings has announced a new tactical lightning-fast singleplayer combat space game, Redout: Space Assault. Redout: Space Assault is described as a tactical dogfight that couples the trademark Redout adrenaline with the thrill of combat in which players will outsmart, outmanoeuvre, overpower and outclass their opponents.

In Redout: Space Assault, each pilot can potentially turn the tide of battle. Players will dock their fighter to the larger Corvettes and take control of them, meaning that they will decide how to upgrade and repair their subsystems and move them on the battlefield.

Do note that this isn’t a direct sequel to Redout, meaning that this isn’t a racing game. With this out of the way, here are the key features for Redout: Space Assault.

  • Online multiplayer – compete against the most talented players around the world in the ultimate space challenge
  • Career mode – learn every skill you need to survive and triumph in the Redout Universe
  • A Thriving Universe – exotic locations, grandiose events and epic battles beyond every frontier
  • Deep Gameplay – manifest your tactical superiority with a core experience based on strategy and team play.
  • Bigger weapons – personalize the loadout and enhance your weapons: the ways to increase your power are uncountable 
  • Upgrade – upgrade your spaceship to fit your style: be the grand master of this universal chess board
  • Music for your ears – smashing sound effects with full 5.1 support and a entirely dynamic soundtrack that will drop sicker and sicker beats the tougher the experience gets!


Redout: Space Assault Reveal Teaser - E3 2018