Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad will introduce a new ‘RO classic’ mode

You know what? I quite like Red Orchestra 2. Sure some might say that it was bugged to death when it got released but right now, the game is functional, runs great (no slowdowns with our Q9650 @ 4.2Ghz with GTX295), and is greatly supported from Tripwire. Yeah, it’s not as awesome as its first part but this does not mean that it is a bad game. What was that? The bleeding system that was introduced got on your nerves? Well, get ready because Tripwire is preparing a new, ‘RO classic’ mode that will be similar to the old style of Red Orchestra and there won’t be any bleeding. Oh yeah.
RO Classic Mode will be an additional mode complimenting Normal and Realism.  Tripwire have chosen to go this route as there are players who enjoy Realism as it currently exists. This mode, while featuring no weapon or player upgrades or perks, will be ranked. Therefore, players who do enjoy receiving those upgrades and perks can play in this mode and earn them for the other modes.
Loadouts and weapon availability will be more similar to what could be found in RO 1.  Towards that end, the Squad Leader will be loosing his access to sub-machine guns and semi-automatic rifles to bring the ratio in line. The weapons selectable by each class will also more closely reflect that of RO 1 with PPSH w/ drum mag being the standard loadout and many of the other weapons not having access to their upgrades or limited to a specific upgrade (such as weapons with bayonets for that functionality).
In addition, peripheral action indicators, spawn on Squad Leader, and the bleeding system will be removed. Players will always take 100% of the damage to an area on the shot and not half then bleed the rest out like in the current system.
Players will have a movement speed penalty after being shot in the feet, and stamina will recharge at a slower rate and will have a much greater effect on weapon sway and recoil. Stance will have an increased effect on weapon sway/recoil (with the default standing state having more sway then the current game modes). The “controlled breathing” zoom will be removed, but the functionality to help steady the weapon as well as the slight iron sight zoom will be still present in the game. There will also not be any AI Tank Gunnery or Lockdown.
Tripwire is also digging heavily into the network issues that some players are reporting as well as issues with the server browser.
The new ‘RO Classic’ Mode will be introduced via a beta test at a later date and will go live after that phase!