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RealRTCW overhaul mod for Wolfenstein 2001 released, brings new renderer, textures & more

WolfETPlayer has released a brand new version of the RealRTCW overhaul mod for Wolfenstein 2001. In case you weren’t aware of, RealRTCW features a new renderer, expanded arsenal, rebalanced gunplay, new high quality models,textures and sounds.

Additionally, RealRTCW restores content that was cut from the game, ncluding training level and unused soundtrack. It also re-balances the AI, introduces real recoil system, and adds new difficulty settings.

Version 3.1 adds a new training level and implements Steam Workshop support. It also adds HQ crosshairs and HQ fonts for in-game display text like subtitles. Furthermore, it fixes a number of issues.

Basically, this is a must-have overhaul mod for all fans of the classic 2001 version of Wolfenstein. This mod is currently available via ModDB, and will also release on Steam in a few hours.

Below you can find the key features of this overhaul mod for Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

RealRTCW Overhaul Mod Key Features

  • Mod is based on ioRTCW source port, which provides proper widescreen support, high quality sound engine and 64-bit systems support
  • Expanded arsenal which includes 12 new weapons
  • New HQ models for the vanilla weapons
  • HQ textures for the environment and characters, which are still faithfull to the original style and atmosphere
  • Atmospheric effects support – rain and snow
  • New inventory items – adrenaline and bandages
  • Real recoil system
  • Rebalanced weapons characteristics
  • Rebalanced AI
  • Overhauled sounds
  • New HUD and UI
  • New difficulty levels system+new difficulty level
  • Subtitles support
  • Steam Workshop integration for custom maps\mods
  • Restored cut content including training level and unused soundtrack