Ravensdale Announced – New Action Run & Gun Platformer featuring Mark Meer; the voice behind Shepard

Black Forest Games introduced today the Voice of Ravensdale, best known as Commander Shepard: Mark Meer. Mark Meer is a Canadian actor, writer and improviser, based in Edmonton, Canada. He’s best known for his now iconic role as Commander Shepard in Bioware’s “Mass Effect” series.
In Ravensdale, he will be speaking the role of the “Captain”, the game’s main character who issues commands and sends his knights out in the field. In addition to that, Mark also will be voicing some of the antagonists and record goblin screams and orcish war cries.
These lines will be determined by the backers of the “Get Heard Pack” in Black Forest Games’ Ravensdale Kickstarter campaign.
Ravensdale will be an action-packed, run’n’gun-like game that encourages co-operative gameplay and is set in a fuel-powered garage-fantasy world.
Jean-Marc Haessig, BFG’s creative director explained:
“Though it is still in early development, it’s a great opportunity for us to offer our community a first-hand experience of the development of a video game – through our Project Ravensdale Dev Blog.” Adrian Goersch, one of Black Forest Games’ Managing Directors adds: “Last year we overachieved our funding goal on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and we honored the trust our backers bestowed on us by delivering the game in time and on three gaming platforms. With Ravensdale we will ensure that trust and deliver an exciting game for our fans.”
Ravensdale’s campaign on Kickstarter started on July, 16th 2013. The funding period will last 31 days until August, 17th. The goal is set to $500,000, of which $35,000 from 1,200 individual backers have been already achieved.