Randy Pitchford admits that they shouldn’t have announced Aliens: Colonial Marines so early

During his latest interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, Randy Pitchford admitted that both Gearbox and SEGA should have just shut the hell up about Aliens: Colonial Marines. Randy has also admitted that it was a grave mistake to announce the game so early. That announcement was basically a result of Gearbox’s excitement, as they hadn’t even written the first line of code for it back then.
Randy Pitchford told to OPM:
“Frankly, I think the game was publicly announced before… well, the first press release came out and the ink wasn’t even dry on the contract. We hadn’t even written the first line of code when the announcement happened, and I think it’s because we were so excited and thrilled that this was going to happen.”
He then added that:
“We love Aliens vs. Predator, but this is pure, this is canon, this is ‘holy f***’. Between us and Sega and everybody we should have just shut the hell up until we were further along, frankly. It feels like a long time.”
Aliens: Colonial Marines is slated for a Spring 2012 on PC, X360 and PS3!