RAGE – News about the PC Level Editor coming this month

Ah, RAGE. A game with so potential that was never meant to be released in its current state on the PC. You’d think that iD Software would try their best to redeem themselves and fix it in due time, right? Well, apparently iD Software has other plans. Either that or they are waiting for the ‘right moment’ to release the next patch (that will include a sharpening option for the game’s textures) and its level editor to the PC.
Our guess is that the ‘right moment’ has already passed and although we don’t have any new information about the release date of the PC patch that would supposedly fix or tweak the game’s textures, iD Software has revealed that they’ll have some news about the PC level editor of RAGE this month.
As the studio tweeted via the game’s account when a fan wondered whether they’d be any news about RAGE:
“should have news on the level editor for the PC version sometime early in the new year”
Good news I guess but would anyone give this editor a shot when most mappers and modders are already experimenting with the CryEngine 3 SDK and UDK? Moreover, what happened to the patch with the sharperning options and the rumored, uncompressed Texture Pack? And why on Earth would someone invest in creating something in RAGE, when iD Software is not supporting it as much as they should? Go figure!