RAGE 2 screenshot

RAGE 2 won’t feature any loot boxes

In an interview with GameStar, id Software’s Tim Willits confirmed that RAGE 2 will not feature any loot boxes. As Willits claimed, id Software and Avalanche Studios will offer a game that players will be able to immediately experience when they purchase it. However, Willits claimed that RAGE 2 will be based on the “Games as Service” model.

Here is what Willits said when asked about loot boxes:

“We will not have any Lootboxes, I can say for sure. We have this novel approach: You buy the game and then you play it.”

As for the “Games as Service” approach, Willits stated that id Software and Avalanche want people to play Rage 2 longer, and they think that they can bring some fun stuff that makes it possible (obviously via post-launch DLCs).

Willits concluded that they will talk about it in more detail as they move closer to the release of RAGE 2.