RAGE 2 screenshot

RAGE 2 – BFG weapon to be locked behind Deluxe and Collector’s Editions at launch

RAGE 2 releases next week and it has been confirmed that the BFG weapon will be locked behind the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions at launch. This basically means that those who will not purchase these overpriced editions will not have access to this specific weapon.

As Bethesda’s community manager wrote on Reddit:

“Hey folks, I wanted to issue a correction about the BFG: at launch, the BFG will only be available as a premium item in the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.”

We don’t know when Bethesda will unlock this weapon for the rest of the players, however this is a really anti-consumer move that was obviously made to boost the sales of both the Deluxe and the Collector’s Editions.

I also believe that it will be really ironic if someone releases a mod that unlocks the BFG to everyone at launch. From what we know so far, RAGE 2 will not support mods at launch, however, a mod that simply unlocks weapons is something that could, theoretically, be done.

Not only that, but pirates may also have access to the BFG weapon from the get-go (thus making the pirated version better than the Base Edition). So yeah, thanks Bethesda for screwing your legitimate players.

RAGE 2 releases on May 14th!