Quixel Megascans has been released

Megascans is an online library filled with thousands of scanned surfaces and objects. This standalone software grants you the power to easily customize, blend and export PBR-Ready Materials with which you will be able to create amazing and realistic environments that can be used both in Games and Movies (the 3D Models do have LoDs).

For now, the first batch of assets included in the library consists mostly of natural elements. Stones, branches, leaves, mushrooms etc.

Megascans, for those who are interested, has 3 different monthly-paid subscription plans. If you want to experiment around with it, then the “Hobby” Subscription might be the most appropriate, since it provides you with a non-commercial license, textures with up to 2K resolution and… 30 Points per Month?

Yes, besides the free materials that we get with the monthly subscription model, there are some which need to be “purchased” with the aforementioned Points. For example, there are some wooden logs that cost 6 Points or a fern plant with only 1.

For more information visit the official website of Megascans.

Megascans Release Trailer