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Quake 2 Retexture Project will improve more than 200 textures, will feature fake Global Illumination effects

Back in March 2019, we informed you about a new Texture Pack for Quake 2 called Quake 2 Retexture Project. And today, the modder has revealed some new details about his project and released some new screenshots.

Quake 2 Retexture Project will feature more than 200 textures (that were created from scratch). These new textures aim to significantly improve the visuals of the game and they will have PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials. Moreover, the shaders that have been used in this project support Albedo, Roughness, Specular, Parallax, Normal mapping, though there is currently no support for a “metallness” shader.

Modder ‘diolator’ has also experimented with the game’s lighting and has implemented some fake Global Illumination effects. As he noted, Global Illumination makes indirect lighting more interesting and colorful and will really help to increase the graphics quality of the game.

diolator stated that his general goal is to remake the visuals of Quake 2 for next-generation standards, while also keep the original colors of the original game. Moreover, he plans add some fresh bright lights.

Now while this sound really cool, we should also note that NVIDIA will soon release the ray tracing mod for Quake 2, so I don’t know whether diolator’s efforts will pay off. Nevertheless, it’s a cool project so make sure to view the following screenshots!