Project Legion Announced – New First-Person Shooter Project Based On EVE Online’s Universe

Remember Dust 514? You know, that PS3 FPS game that was tied into EVE Online’s universe? Well, CCP Games has announced a similar project for the PC platform, called Project Legion. Project Legion is currently at a prototype phase as CCP Games is gauging interest for it, and will be powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Project Legion aims to deliver a true sandbox, first-person experience in New Eden. The game – similarly to Dust 514 – will be tied into EVE Online. Do note that this will be a free-to-play title, so it will be interesting to see whether or not it will turn into a Pay-To-Win game.

PCWorld has a great interview about this new title. And although I don’t want to be an ass or anything, Project Legion sounds like an expanded version of Dust 514; a game that was exclusive to PS3 for obvious reasons. And since PS3 is now considered an old-gen console, meaning that players will start abandoning it, CCP Games is targeting the PC platform once again for a game that will be no longer played on Sony’s old console.

I mean, here is what CCP Games’ Jean-Charles Gaudechon had to say about Dust 514 and Project Legion, and why Dust 514 was released exclusively on PS3:

“Was it a mistake to launch on PS3? No. If today the idea is “Why are you going to PC now?” I feel that today, from what we have, the experience we’re trying to do, PC is the right way to win at first.

Also, remember this is a free-to-play product, and the PC is a big market for free-to-play. That’s part of it.

It allows us to go and touch a lot of people with a really strong experience. And then I think the final thing is that PC is part of the DNA of CCP, to your point. It’s natural for our products to be on PC and expand. That doesn’t remove any other plans out of it, but I very much feel that today it’s time for an on-the-ground experience to go PC.”

So what changed over these past months to justify such statements? Absolutely nothing. It’s obvious that CCP Games was ‘asked’ to develop an exclusive game to PS3 (and offered money for developing an exclusive game) and that’s why Dust 514 did not release on the PC. It has nothing to do with ‘timing’, the ‘free-to-play’ concept or the company’s DNA. And you can be sure that the same thing can be repeated on PS4, provided Sony offers CCP Games a nice amount of money for such an exclusivity.

Of course that’s my personal take on this, and you won’t hear a developer ever claiming something like that. Still, even if you doubt what you just read, it does make you wonder why Dust 514 never came to the PC platform (something that would benefit the PS3 version if it came with cross-platform support).

But anyway, we’ll be sure to keep you posted about this new project, so stay tuned for more!