Project Lambda, Half Life in Unreal Engine 4 fan project, is available for download right now

Half Life fans, here is something really special for you today. SilverTM has released its Half Life fan project in Unreal Engine 4, Project Lambda. This project is a remake of the intro/train section of the first Half Life game, using entirely new assets in Epic’s latest game engine.

As we’ve said and when we shared the WIP screenshots from this project, overall interactivity is limited. Players cannot interact with a lot of objects, and cannot shoot enemies or aliens. Basically, this is a tour of the Black Mesa facility so you can only admire the game’s upgraded visuals. Still, we believe it looks really cool and may give you an idea of what a Half Life remake could look like in a modern-day engine.

What’s really interesting here is that the team will work on the game’s second part in case this demo is downloaded and played by a lot of gamers. Now before getting overly excited, you should temper your expectations as this first part took a lot of months to complete, so don’t expect to be playing its second part anytime soon.

On the other hand, it’s really amazing that the team has released this demo to the public. Normally, most teams or artists do not release their fan remakes/recreations to the public. As such, we strongly suggest downloading it, especially if you are die-hard fans of the Half Life series.

Also, and in case you are wondering, this isn’t as polished as Black Mesa. Black Mesa is a proper remake of Half Life in the Source Engine, whereas this is just a remake of the game’s intro sequence.

Those interested can download this Half Life in Unreal Engine 4 fan project from here.

Have fun!