Project CARS – Unofficial FAQ Sheds Some Light On WiiU Delay, Unveils Pre-Release Demo

Project CARS’ Authorized Facebook Fan Page has posted a new FAQ regarding the release date of Slightly Mad Studios’ racer. According to this FAQ, Project CARS will hit PC, PS4 and Xbox One this November, with a WiiU version coming in 2015.

According to the FAQ, the WiiU delay is due to the different architecture of this console.

“WiiU uses a substantially different architecture to other consoles and the PC, meaning it takes more time to code to the same quality of the other releases.

Moreover, Namco Bandai will only be the distributor of this game and not its publisher. As the FAQ and the FB page note, Namco Bandai has no control over the content of the game nor the release date.

This unofficial FAQ also stated that a demo will be coming prior to the game’s release. Although it did not specify the platforms, we can expect this demo to hit the Internet before November.

Last but not least, YouTube’s member ‘Darren White’ has shared a new video, showing off some WIP rain ripples.