Project CARS gets first comparison with Shift 2 and a new ‘night’ lighting demonstration

YouTube’s member ‘Jonz66’ made an interesting comparison video between Project CARS and Shift 2. Jonz66 captured footage from the Bathurst  track and we can immediately notice some differences between them. In Shift 2, players wre complaining about the cars ‘sliding’ and thankfully for them, this sliding effect is not present in pCARs. In addition, both the lighting and the shadowing system seems better in Project CARS. Shift 2 wins when it comes to environmental detail but we should keep in mind that Project CARS is still in pre-alpha stage.
Furthermore, YouTube’s member ‘HeikkiX360’ released a video to showcase the new ‘night’ lighting system that is supported by pCARs.
Project CARS - Build 189 - Bathurst vs Shift 2

Project CARS - First look at the circuit lighting system (Build 189)