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Project CARS 3 Update 1.4 released, full patch notes revealed

Slightly Mad Studios has released a brand new update for Project CARS 3. According to the release notes, Update 1.4 fixes a number of rendering issues. Moreover, it packs with a number of PC-only fixes and improvements.

Going into more details, Patch 1.4 fixes clouds popping-in during races. It also fixes shiny vinyls when using gloss base, as well as some random shadow flickering in-game.

Additionally, this patch removes the profanity filter for system messages. It also improves performance on high “super sampling”, and fixes triplescreen configuration issues on frontend.

Naturally, this latest update improves overall stability, and brings various gameplay tweaks and improvements. It also packs various GUI and Audio improvements.

As always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Project CARS 3 Update 1.4 Release Notes

  • Fixed double audio when quitting during the 3-2-1 pre-race countdown
  • Toned down red crash vignette
  • Fixed clouds popping-in during races
  • Also fixed shiny vinyls when using gloss base
  • Fixed random shadow flickering in-game
  • Fixed Player Label corruption upon restarting a race
  • Improvements to Replay Mode UI
  • Fixed inability to select anyone below P12 in Spectator Mode
  • Tuning button in Pre-Race Menu now shows the name of currently-selected tuning setup
  • Tuning button disabled in Rivals
  • Fixed screens not showing “Blizzard” weather type
  • Weather info made consistent throughout all screens in-game
  • Enabled Photo Mode in replay
  • Default colours to be used by patterns (black, white, grey) assigned
  • Added on-screen hint for how to take a photo in Photo Mode
  • Improved player label visuals for online / offline experience
  • Background now scales with text.
  • Fixed fonts on Player labels on restarting a race
  • Lap counter on point-to-point tracks hidden
  • Subtitles stuck in races fixed
  • Increased Difficulty for Road E
  • Increased Road D Hot Lap 3 target time
  • Also increased Road D Pace Setter 2 target time
  • Increased Difficulty for GT C & GT B
  • Adjusted Race Length for GT C Race 5
  • Also adjusted Race Length for GT B Race 5
  • Adjusted difficulty for Challenges Championships to match other changes
  • Adjusted number of corners to master in GT A Majors Long Beach from 10 to 9
  • Fixed invalid lap-time during rolling starts at Havana Capitolio
  • Fixed issue where the car lost all its customisation and appeared red in the 2nd round of the championships in Career
  • Always use player’s choice for gearing when in Quick Play and Scheduled Events assigned
  • Player now returns to lobby when quitting out of Spectator Mode
  • Rivals event participation rewards increased
Crash Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when tuning the Jaguar XJ220 and the McLaren F1
  • Fixed crash when user selected replay from a customisation screen on re-entering from a replay
  • Also fixed crash when last “My Style” was removed
  • Fixed customisation rims size crashing if moving between vehicles with different number of available sizes
  • Fixed crash when entering “Deal of the Day” via the career

Formula E:

  • GUI logo, vehicle name, and country flag updated
  • DS Techeetah team livery updated
  • Championship livery added, set as new default livery
  • Support added for Thrustmaster T-GT
PC Only
  • Profanity filter for system messages removed
  • Improved performance on high “super sampling”
  • Triplescreen settings UI improvements
  • Fixed triplescreen configuration issues on frontend