Project CARS 2 appears to be missing some graphics effects that were present in the first Project CARS

A few days ago, we informed you about the lift of the NDA for Project CARS 2. As such, a lot of WMD2 members have been releasing gameplay videos, showcasing this new racing game from Slightly Mad Studios. However, it appears that the game is missing some graphics effects that were present in the first Project CARS game.

Most notably, the rear light reflections are nowhere to be found during rainy races. This effect was present in the first Project CARS game. Left image is from Project CARS 2 whereas the right image is from Project CARS.

Not only that, but it appears that the rain pools do not reflect even the cars in Project CARS 2 (again this feature was present in the first Project CARS). You can also notice the lack of car reflections in the official screenshots that were released for these two games (left is from Project CARS, right is from Project CARS 2).

Thankfully, the windscreen directional rain drops are still present, and the windscreen rain effects are almost as rough as those in the first Project CARS game.

It’s worth noting that the current build of Project CARS 2 is described as a WIP version which means that the aforementioned graphics effects may be added at a later date (and prior to the game’s release). And if that’s not the case, Slightly Mad Studios may add them via a post-release patch. After all, the first Project CARS saw some noticeable weather improvements via post-release patches.

Still, and since Project CARS 2 is reported to be running better than its predecessor, we found it interesting that it is lacking some graphics effects that were present in the previous title. We also wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention, something that will obviously ‘force‘ Slightly Mad Studios to further improve these effects.

Below you can find two videos, one from Project CARS 2 and the other from the first Project CARS.

Project CARS - New rain effects - 1080p ultra - Patch 3.0

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