Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – Free Trial Edition is now available on Steam

Konami released today a special ‘Trial’ Edition of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, offering key game modes and full access to this year’s official PES LEAGUE competition starting from December, on Steam.

PES 2017 Trial Edition is described as a free download that gives users access to key PES 2017 content.

The Trial Edition allows the user to play matches with nine fully licensed teams from both club and national competitions. FC Barcelona, Arsenal FC, and Club Atlético de Madrid represent the cream of Europe, while Boca Juniors, Club Atlético River Plate, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista and Clube de Regatas do Flamengo showcase the South American talent in the full game. The German and French national teams are also available.

Matches are played within recreations of the Camp Nou and Neu Sonne Arena, and the PES 2017 Trial Edition also allows full access to the Skills Training section, as well as access to the new dedicated PES LEAGUE mode.

Those interested can download the trial version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 from here.