Primal Carnage Gets New Game Maps

Primal Carnage
Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media released today two new game maps for the recent objective-based scramble-for-survival game mode of Primal Carnage, Get to the Chopper. According to its press release, the first map comes in the form of a conversion of “The Falls” (A fan favorite Team Deathmatch map) into an all new Get to the Chopper themed adventure. The other map, “Ruthless” is a new Get to the Chopper exclusive map set high up in the foreboding mountainous peaks of the Island, remember to dress warmly, it’s set to get cold blooded up there. Lukewarm has also released a new trailer that can be viewed below!
We should note that these maps (as well as the Get to the Chopper mode) are free for all owners of Primal Carnage. With this new expansion, Primal Carnage now boasts nine playable maps. Now if only Lukewarm added new attacks to all dinos.