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PREY’s graphics overhaul mod adds breakable lights, physics to objects & increases shadows view distance

Our reader ‘jmx777’ has informed us about the latest version of his graphics overhaul mod for PREY. According to jmx777, this latest version of the Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics mod adds breakable lights to the game. As such, lights now also react to impacts such as bullets and collisions.

Furthermore, this latest version of the mod fixes shadows flickering in some areas, stabilizes the framerate in large areas, adds physics (movement and carrying ability) to numerous objects such as Industrial lathe, drill press, crafting plans, Transtar hanging wall logo, workbench vice, board eraser, cigarettes, kitchen knife and lockers, and amplifies shadows view distance to avoid shadows pop-in on large rooms without fps cost.

It’s also worth noting that this mod also increases view distance for environment decals, collision for particles that already have and particles view distance, deactivates fake lights in some areas, and adds collision for various types of particles.

Those interested can download this mod from here.

Have fun!

Prey Real Lights Plus Ultra Graphics Mod v0.8