Pockie Ninja “Shippuden: Season 2” Update Coming Soon

NGames have announced the exciting “Shippuden: Season 2” update for their Naruto and Bleach inspired MMO brawler, Pockie Ninja. Coming soon, the update raises the level cap to 90 and adds a slew of new content for players to explore.

Pockie Ninja’s “Shippuden: Season 2” update is coming out soon, allowing ninjas to reach a new level cap of 90 while facing brand new quests, intriguing explorations, powerful monsters and challenging new bosses.
A new Inscription function is set to add another intriguing layer of strategy to Pockie Ninja’s already tense tactical arena duels. By activating a Low or High “Inscription Talisman”, players can raise the basic attack and defense power power of their weapons for a limited period of time.
In addition, the Las Noches tower challenge will be playable 3 times per day instead of 2 when Season 2 is released, and will be expanded to a massive 170 floors!
Shippuden: Season 2 also promises a host of key refinements to the anime-inspired MMO. For example, levelling will now be quicker, thanks to lower EXP requirements and EXP increases for auto-combat. There will also be exciting new ways to synthesis existing outfits and equipment, lower difficulty levels on Ninja Diary quests, and tweaks to the base stats of several in-game outfits, resulting in a more balanced gameplay experience.