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Pillars Of Eternity Targets A Winter 2014 Release

Obsidian Entertainment is well known for delaying its games. Still, Obsidian is also known for creating games with huge potential. Alpha Protocol had a lot of potential, and the same can be said about KOTOR 2 and Fallout: New Vegas had. So it’s good and bad news that Pillars Of Eternity is now delayed to Winter 2014.

In a new update on Obsidian’s forums, Rose Gomez claimed that the team is now targeting a Winter 2014 release for Pillars Of Eternity.

As Gomez wrote:

“We wanted to officially update everyone that we are looking good to release Eternity by Winter 2014. So, look forward to getting your hands on Pillars of Eternity later this year.”

Pillars Of Eternity was originally planned for an April 2014 release, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this title slips into 2015. After all, this is Obsidian we’re talking about. Still, we are pretty sure that it will be worth the wait!