PES 2012 – England vs Portugal; Full-Length Match from Retail version

Since we got our review code of PES 2012, we decided to upload a full-length match between England and Portugal at the Top Class difficulty. The review code is exactly the same as the retail one, so don’t expect to see changes between them. As you will obviously notice, there are still some issues – the very same ones – that plague the PES series. However, it’s a fact that PES 2012 is definitely better than last year’s offering. This post will be updated with the highlights but till then, enjoy the match!
PES 2012 - Full Match: England vs Portugal

0:50: England’s goal: No comments
3:09: Through pass goes behind three players and noone even tries to stop it (even though the ball is almost next to them)
3:20: Wrong pass, was pressing forward and the ball went diagonically even though there wasn’t any of my players in there
3:25: Pressed the ‘X’ to steal the ball BEFORE the opponent tries to dribble. My defender didn’t do anything
4:22: Defender suddenly stops pressing the oponent, even though I’m still pressing the ‘square’ button which is for double-team/pressing
4:47: Trying a lob-through with Rooney – as my other player made a run – and although I’m pressing forward, Rooney does the lob to a completely different player at a different place
7:04: Goalkeeper could do more than that as it went straight at him
7:50: My AI player could easily steal the ball, yet he didn’t
10:28: Ashley Cole does a ‘syrtaki’
10:52: Attacker stops running for no apparent reason, even though I’m still pressing the run button
12:11: No comments. Rooney seems a bit drunk
12:40: Yet another wrong pass. It’s quite obvious where I wanted to pass
12:57: My player stops for no apparent reason – even though I’m pressing the stick towards the ball – thus giving the opportunity to the opponent to keep the ball
13:58: Once again, the teamate AI doesn’t steal the ball whereas the opponent AI would steal it from me in a similar situation
14:58: Pay attention to the enemy’s movement. He doesn’t change direction or speed, yet my player runs into him – instead of stealing the ball.