PC gaming is dead… NOT; Legend of Grimrock turns a profit in three days

I’m overly excited to inform you guys that the amazing dungeon-crawler RPG, Legend of Grimrock, is profitable after three days of availability. After all those idiotic claims that PC gaming is dead, indie devs and small studios prove again and again that their PC sales can cover the initial costs of their games in less than a week. We’ve seen that with Alan Wake and we’re seeing this very same thing today with Almost Humans’ indie title. And how about Amnesia, an amazing horror game that remains exclusive to the PC platform? And here we thought that PC gamers were gritty pirates. Who would have thought?
As the team revealed:
“The development costs of the game have now been covered many times over so the future of the company seems pretty secure. So, everyone who has bought our game and supported us, you have our gratitude!”
Hell yeah. In addition, Almost Human is currently working on the first patch for their little gem. Here are the key features for this upcoming patch:
– vsync is enabled by default
– borderless windows are no longer topmost
– pressing ESC closes character sheet
– fixed unlimited frost arrow exploit
– bug fix: topmost menu item don’t work reliably in 2560×1440 resolution
– bug fix: wall text translations are not dismissed when right-clicking
– bug fix: inanimate objects can be backstabbed
– bug fix: projectiles go through doors in some very rare cases
– improved display resolution auto-detection at first launch
– fixed a couple of typos
– removed check that disables high texture resolution setting when running low on video memory (some graphics drivers seem to report available video memory incorrectly)
We’ve said it countless times and we’ll say it again. If developers pay attention to their PC versions, lower their prices and abandon those strictly DRM solutions, they’ll definitely earn a lot of money. As simple as that. Well done Almost Human!