PC gamers, meet Mad Father; a freeware 16-bit indie horror RPG

Mad Father
Here is a great surprise to all of our readers. Mad Father is a freeware indie horror RPG that will be appreciated by all those old-school RPG fans who fell in love with Square Enix’s classic SNES games. The game is developed by a single person (Sen) using the WOLF RPG Editor, has a 3/4 isometric perspective, features multiple endings and a few side-quests.
Mad Father tells the story of a young girl, named Aya. Aya is the daughter of a scientist and tries to look at the bright side of life. Naturally, Aya’s father is involved in some dark experiments and one night a curse befalls their home, bringing back to life the corpses of the people Aya’s father had experimented on. Aya loves her father and decides to go out and rescue him.
Those interested can download it from here, and kudos to NeoGAF for spotting it.
Let's Play Mad Father: part 1