PC gamers, meet Halloween; a freeware fan game inspired by the 80’s slasher flicks


Our reader ‘Justin Salih’ has informed us about a new freeware title that is based on the Halloween movie and the PSX survival horror Halloween game. Halloween is a game that plays similar to Resident Evil and sports old-school visuals (so don’t expect fancy shaders, anamorphic lens flares that can blind you, or high-resolution textures).

As the team responsible for it noted, Halloween is a fan game and not a real Halloween game. It’s just for fun, in the same vein as fan films, not meant to be taken too seriously.

Regarding the game’s story:

“It’s Halloween Night in Haddonfield Illinois and Sarah’s got no wheels and no plans except for watching some old horror movies on TV. She gets a last minute call from the Johnsons (who saw her ad at the grocery store) to babysit their son Billy. Hoping to get $30 closer to buying a motorcycle, she gets a ride from her Mom to their house on the outskirts of town. Little does she know a simple night of babysitting will turn into an unspeakable nightmare when she is terrorized by an escaped mental patient, Michael Myers.”

Those interested can download it for free by visiting its official website.

Enjoy the following “Let’s Play” video from Justin!