PC gamers, meet Finding Eden; a Free-to-play Single Player 16bit JRPG

A few days ago, an indie game got released that passed under everyone’s radar. But before continuing, I have to admit that I love all those 16bit JRPGs. There, I said it. Yeah, although I’m a PC gamer, I enjoyed pretty much every SNES JRPG and was a bit jealous about all those 16bit JRPGs that got released on the iOS devices. But alas, here comes a free-to-play Single Player JRPG for all of us. Hooray!
Project BC is a small group of creative individuals with a passion for games, art, and storytelling. Their goal is to provide players with unique and immersive RPG experiences and their latest offering is Finding Eden that was mainly created by Sailerius and only one teammate in one month time.
Finding Eden tells the story of two of the last survivors of the collapse of society. As Sailerius describes its main story, “you and your friend must struggle to make ends meet while your remaining lifespan ticks away – and the only way to recover it is to scavenge life-giving mana from the pockets of vitality that haven’t already been picked clean.”
Those interested can download it from here and we highly recommend in doing it so. This could easily be a $5 USD dollar game guys. So go ahead and give it a try, you won’t regret it!