PC gamers, meet 7554; the first major video game developed by a Vietnamese company

Let’s get one thing straight; this is a low-budget FPS title. Still with us? Good. Let’s now get another thing straight; this is the first major video game developed by a Vietnamese company. Now normally I wouldn’t be bothered with such a title but come on, these guys deserve a spotlight for at least trying. So, PC gamers, meet 7554; a first person shooter set against the historical backdrop of the climatic conclusion to the first Indochina War between the Vietnam People’s Army revolutionaries and the oppressing French army.
7554 is developed by a small Vietnamese company, Emobi Games. According to the press release, 7554 is currently set for a February 2012 release date in North American and will be available exclusively for PC for $12.00 USD.  The title of the game, 7554 (7 May 1954) represents the day the French army in Dien Bien Phu, surrendered to the Vietnam People’s Army thereby withdrawing occupation of all Indochinese colonies.
Nguyen Tuan Huy, Director of Emobi Games said:
“There has never been a video game of this size and scope from Vietnam and that fact alone gives us a lot of national pride. It is our privilege and our challenge to create a first person shooter that gamers will enjoy playing. And though 7554 is based on historical events, it is not an attempt to recreate the past, but rather it is a vehicle meant for entertainment.”
The single player campaign puts gamers on the front line of a colonial independence movement locked in battle against a technologically more advanced modern Western occupier. It looks – more or less – like a low-budget Modern Warfare 3 experience, so kudos to them for trying to create something like that.
Players will experience the colonial movement’s growth from insurgent guerrilla band to a conventional army using Nvidia’s PhysX engine and Havok’s Vision Engine 8.
7554 will be release on December 16, 2011 in Vietnam and in February 2012 in North America.
Enjoy the following videos!

7554 Official Trailer