Halo 3 PC artwork

PC gamers can already play Halo 3’s single-player campaign on the PC with native mouse & keyboard

Microsoft and 343 Industries have already announced the Halo: The Master Chief collection for the PC. However, PC gamers can already experience the single-player campaign of Halo 3. A team of dedicated fans has recreated the entire single-player mode of Halo 3 in the Halo Online Engine, and is fully playable from start to finish via Eldewrito.

Now while we got a link to this build – and we can confirm that it actually works – we’ve decided to not share it. The reason is quite simple; Microsoft and 343 Industries will undoubtedly attempt to take it down. Not only that, but we should at least respect 343 Industries’ attempts to create a solid PC version of Halo: MCC. Still, and similarly to our nude mods, this does not prohibit us from actually talking about it.

According to our source, the Halo 3 build was created by a program called TagTools, Assembly Halo Mod tools and a set of files dubbed “Reclaimed”.

Our source has also shared a number of screenshots that you can find below. These screenshots are not from an Xbox 360 emulator like Xenia. These are from this Halo 3 PC port running natively on the PC with mouse and keyboard and with some graphics settings that PC gamers can tweak.

I know that a lot of you would want to get your hands on this build so the least we can do right now is let you know that such a PC build is already available on the Internet. Again, we won’t be sharing any links but I’m certain that you will find it by using Google (and if not, you’ll eventually be able to play Halo 3 when Halo: MCC finally hits the PC).