Path of Exile Now Supports Full Integrated Twitch Livestreaming

Path Of Exile
Grinding Gear Games today announced that Twitch has been integrated into their online action RPG, Path of Exile. Path of Exile now allows players to stream gameplay from inside the game client, including full support for streaming webcam footage and integrated Twitch channel chat. Twitch integration also enables players to know who on the leaderboards is racing at any given time for real-time spectating.
Leveraging Twitch’s new software developer kit, Path of Exile is able to add functionality beyond the live broadcasting of gameplay. When Path of Exile and Twitch accounts are linked, users viewing the Path of Exile website will be able to see little Twitch icons next to player names wherever they appear on the site while streaming and can click on the logo to visit the user’s stream. In addition, while a Path of Exile race event is in progress, the leading streamer for that event is shown on the race page. Since all streamers are marked on the leaderboard, players can switch between them and watch them play directly on the race page.
Matthew DiPietro, VP of Marketing, Twitch said:
“We’ve witnessed first-hand the rapidly growing appeal of live streaming gameplay, so it’s great to see Grinding Gear Games integrate Twitch functionality into a compelling title like Path of Exile. Equally notable is they’ve embraced Twitch’s ability to leverage game data to make leaderboards more dynamic so that players are able to know when their competition is streaming.”
Additionally, Twitch channel chat is integrated directly with the Path of Exile game client. Streamers can chat to their viewers in real-time without having to check a separate chat window. In Path of Exile, Twitch chat appears as another chat type alongside global, local, party and trade chat.