Doom: One Is A Mind-blowing Total Reconstruction Of ID’s Classic FPS With Updated Visuals & Features

Now this is too good to simply ignore. Modder ‘adamclare87’ is currently working on a total reconstruction of id Software’s classic FPS, Doom. As its description reads, Doom: One is a new look on the classic first episode of the original DooM. This means that we’re talking about a game full of surprises, new secrets, upgraded visuals that retain the style of what we’ve been used to this whole time, and without any kind of loading screens.
The modder has already released a beta for his mod. Since this is a beta build, expect issues/bugs that have not been ironed/addressed as of yet.
Those interested can download the beta from here.
The modder has also released a new video from the latest build, showcasing a full play-though with all levels connected.
DOOM:ONE Full beta Playthrough