Paladins will get a battle royale mode in 2018, team deathmatch coming on January 10th

As you may have guessed, more and more developers are now jumping on the battle royale mode (after the huge success of PUBG). One of them is Hi-Rez Studios who has just announced that its free-to-play title, Paladins, will receive a battle royale mode in 2018.

Here are the key features of Paladins: Battlegrounds:

  • Ride your mount through a massive fantasy-themed map that’s over 300 times the square footage of a typical siege map. All while exploring the map for loot through the four dozen outposts and tracking zeppelins that drop legendary gear.
  • Paladins: Battlegrounds mashes up the ability driven combat with the survival gameplay of a Battle Royale game offering a highly unique experience. Thanks to each player having a distinct rolls such as healing, tanking, trying to assassinate unsuspecting victims as a flank and dealing out damage to take out the opposing forces.
  • As with every Battle Royale game, Paladins: Battleground also features the constricting fog mechanic that makes the playable zone more smaller as time goes by. Making fights between the 100 players more frequent.

In order to celebrate this announcement, Hi-Rez Studios released a new trailer dedicated to Paladins: Battlegrounds that you can view below.

Paladins: Battlegrounds - Official Trailer

Furthermore, Hi-Rez Studios has also announced a new game mode to Paladins, Team Deathmatch. Players can play team deathmatch on the Trade District map, and this mode will be made available on January 10th.

Paladins - New Game Mode - Team Deathmatch