PAC-MAN 256 is now available on Steam

Bandai Namco announce today that PAC-MAN 256 is now available on the PC (via Steam). In order to celebrate this announcement, Bandai Namco released the game’s launch trailer that can be viewed below.

Developed by Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets, PAC-MAN 256 allows you to play the award winning mobile game on console with new features exclusive to the console and PC versions.

In addition to the social sharing options and 10 unlockable themes, you will be able to play solo or with up to 4 friends via the local co-op multiplayer mode. Players will have to work together to eat all PAC-DOTS & Power Pellets, and stay ahead of the super villain from the mobile version: the 256 Glitch. All the notorious ghosts and a new gang of revived retro-ghosts, including Sue, Funky and Spunky, will pursue our beloved yellow 80’s icon. Fans can outsmart them with over 20 crazy power ups: including Lasers, Tornadoes, Giant PAC-MAN and much more.


PAC-MAN 256 - PS4/X1/PC - 4 times more Pac-Man! (Release Trailer)