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Overwatch patch 1.25 is now live on PTR servers, adds private profiles and endorsements

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch patch 1.25 is now live on the PTR servers. Furthermore, the team released a new developer diary in which it announced new tools that let players control their gameplay experience, the ability to reward positive behaviour and strategic gameplay with Endorsements, updates to improve overall gameplay, and plans to continue building for the future of Overwatch.

Here are the key features of Overwatch Patch 1.25:

  • Endorsements — When a player finishes a match, they can give (and receive) Endorsements for other players based on their positive behavior in the game.
    • Types of Endorsements include Good Teammate, Shotcaller, and Good Sportsmanship.
    • Every Endorsement a player receives goes toward progressing their Endorsement Level (EL); players also receive +50xp toward their overall level for each Endorsement given to another player.
    • At any time during a two-week interval, players can be rewarded based on their current EL.
  • Looking For Group — Players can form their own in-game groups, choose roles and team compositions, make restrictions based on Endorsement Levels, and merge with other groups.
  • Private Profiles — Player profiles now have the option to be set to Private, Friends-Only, or Public.
  • Horizon Re-Work — Horizon is receiving level design changes to help balance the map.
  • Symmetra Re-Work — Symmetra is receiving updates to her primary fire, secondary fire, both of her abilities, and a new Ultimate Ability.
  • Damage Role — Defense and Offense roles are now replaced by the Damage role.
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