Overgrowth Alpha 153 Changes – Split-Screen Support Confirmed

Wolfire Games released a new video for their upcoming action-brawler adventure game, Overgrowth, in which the company’s main programmer – David Rosen – showcases the changes that were made to the game’s latest alpha version. Overgrowth Alpha 153 supports now split-screen for local multiplayer, cloth foley sounds for choke animation, as well as better pathfinding AI during circle-strafe.
Here are all the changes that were made to this latest alpha version of Overgrowth:
-Splitscreen for local multiplayer
– Windows crashes write out minidump files for debugging
– Some angelscript error messages display call stack
– Added logfile.txt output
– Cloth foley sounds for choke animation
– Fixed initialization error that could cause slowdowns
– Better pathfinding AI during circle-strafe
– Tethering ends when hit
– Fix for occasional inverted detail map normals
– Fix for rare Mac crash caused by VRAM query
– Fix for grabbing mouse when window does not have focus
– Loading screen uses default system cursor
– Enemies don’t use fighting stance movement when not hostile
Overgrowth Alpha 153 changes - Wolfire Games