Delta Force: Angel Falls – Alpha Phase Starting Soon

Do you remember an awesome FPS game that used voxels back in the days for its vast environments and featured a zoomed-in squared box at the top right corner of your screen? Oh yeah, we’re talking about the legendary Delta Force series. Although its previous part was a huge disappointment, Novalogic decided to give the series another chance and here comes Delta Force: Angel Falls.
According to the company, Angel Falls’ alpha phase will start really soon and the company is currently accepting requests for enrollment.
Novalogic has been working on Angel Falls for the past few years and let us tell you that the game will be using a new game engine. It will be interesting to see this new game engine and we’re wondering why Novalogic didn’t choose Crytek’s CryEngine 3 that is suitable for this kind of games.
Delta Force: Angel Falls will be a multi-platform title and there is currently no release date. Novalogic stated that it will a multiplayer centered game and this upcoming alpha test will actually exercise a loading and update methodology that will allow subsequent distribution and updates.
Here is hoping that this new Delta Force will be as addictive and fun as the first parts of the series.