Outcast Reboot HD – Greenlit by Steam Community, Kickstarter Campaign At Risk

Fresh3D announced today that their game ‘Outcast Reboot HD’ has been Greenlit in just 4 days, thanks to the amazing support of the Steam Community. And while this is excellent news, the game’s Kickstarter campaign may fail as it has not reached yet its initial goal (actually, it has not even hit half of its goal).

Outcast Reboot HD is entering in the last 7 days of its Kickstarter campaign which aims to raise $600,000 to finance the development of the HD version. At time of writing, the project obtained 40% of pledges.

Reward tiers include digital and physicals releases of the game, art book, early access to forum and beta version, exclusive backer tee-shirts, statuettes among many other exclusive Kickstarter backer-only content.

Fresh3D has posted a new update for its Kickstarter campaign in which the company explains the process for moving from voxels to polygons.