Red Dead Redemption 2 PC screenshots 3

OpenIV now supports Red Dead Redemption 2 PC, aims to bring modding support to Rockstar’s game

The team behind OpenIV has announced that its tool currently supports the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. Right now, OpenIV is able to open the new RPF8 archives from the RDR2. What this means is that by using this tool, PC gamers will be able to mod this latest open-world title.

As the team noted, it is now possible to harvest file names from the game itself. Just like GTA V, RDR 2 has many META, XML and PSO files that contain names of the files and archives. Furthermore, this first version most likely has a very limited database of the file names.

The OpenIV team is currently working on support for the most of the basic files. Moreover, there is no ETA on the when the next version of the OpenIV will come out.

What this ultimately means is that there isn’t much you can mod right now in RDR2. Still, you can download the latest version of OpenIV from here and experiment.

Last but not least, you can find below a video giving you a first look at the Red Dead Redemption 2 files.


OpenIV: First look at Red Dead Redemption 2 Files