Open World Survival Horror “Grave” Gets New Screenshots & Kickstarter Campaign

Broken Window Studios has sent us a new set of screenshots for its open world survival horror game that will support Oculus Rift, Grave. Grave is a first person, open world survival horror experience. Survive the night with a arsenal of defensive tools, and explore an ever-changing world filled with frightening creatures.

Grave is described as a hybrid of environmental exploration and combative horror, creating constant tension as the player balances exploration and survival. The team’s goal – according to the press release we got – is to reinvigorate classic survival horror with modern techniques.

In addition, Broken Window Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise $30K in the next 33 days.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Unique day-night gameplay woven into the experience – split gameplay between survival and exploration. Fear the night, hope for day.
  • Highly procedural world. Not only are the creatures unpredictable, but so are the environments. Each night produces changes to the surreal landscape of Grave.
  • Multiple characters and stories to explore, each with their own sets of challenges and experiences
  • Frightening AI creatures see and hear you, with complex behavior to stalk you. You are the hunted, not the hunter.
  • Over 8 Unique tools for defending yourself against the creatures of the night, including matches, flashlights, flares, generators, fire and more.
  • Craft new resources using items found in the environment. Build up your defenses or create unique items for combating the creatures of the night. Just be sure to watch your back…


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