Okami HD header screenshot

Okami HD – PC version will support mouse+keyboard but will be locked at 30fps

Okami HD releases in a couple of days and Capcom’s Chief Operating Officer, Wbacon, has revealed some new information about the PC version. According to Wbacon, the PC version of Okami HD will support mouse and keyboard. And while these are amazing news for PC gamers, Wbacon stated that the PC version will be locked at 30fps.

As Wbacon noted, Capcom tried to unlock the framerate but encounter major performance issues. An unlocked framerate breaks the game logic, collision detection, and animation speed. Therefore, and since it would require a lot of effort and time in order to offer a proper 60fps mode, Capcom decided to simply lock the game at 30fps.

From a company like Capcom, we were expecting better things. Its excuse is also ridiculous when you think about Dragon’s Dogma; another game that was coded for Xbox 360 and PS3. Similarly to Okami HD, Dragon’s Dogma was originally created to operate at 30fps on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Game logic, physics,¬†and animations were meant to be running at 30fps. However, Capcom put some effort in it and made it possible so PC gamers could enjoy it with higher framerates.

Bad move Capcom, really really bad move.

Okami HD will be priced at $19.99 and will come out on December 12th!