Oil Rush gets a January 25th release date

UNIGINE Corp announced today that global war for oil in the flooded post-apocalyptic world of “Oil Rush” will start January 25, 2012 on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. ‘Oil Rush’ is an Indie real-time naval strategy game based on group control, that combines strategic challenge of classic RTS with sheer fun of Tower Defense, and features state-of-an-art visuals.
Gameplay in ‘Oil Rush’ is easy to learn but hard to master and offers variety of different strategies for each map. Thousands of people, who pre-ordered Oil Rush, already got access to Beta version of the game and mastering their multiplayer skills – so join up and get ready for the big oil war in January!
UNIGINE would also like to remind that it’s the last week of UNIGINE Engine super-offers for Indie game developers. Developers who would like their Indie game to be powered by UNIGINE’s engine should not miss this opportunity. This license is royalty-free with unlimited number of developers per project.
Anton Ravin, Managing Director, UNIGINE Corp. Europe said:
‘A lot of Indie games are incredibly fun and full of fresh game design ideas, however in many cases graphics in these games is not that impressive and I think the stereotype right now, especially with game publishers, is that Indie games can’t look great. We at UNIGINE are committed to break this stereotype with ‘Oil Rush’ and great offers for Indie game developers willing to get a powerful game engine, which will allow them to fully unleash their talent.’