Officiall modding tools/Assembly Kit released for Total War: Three Kingdoms

SEGA and Creative Assembly announced today the release of the official modding tools for Total War: Three Kingdoms. This basically means that in the next few weeks, PC gamers will be able to find on the game’s official Workshop a variety of mods, including unit reskins, balance tweaks, new battle maps, scripted mods, new UI elements, new events, new characters, and much more.

According to the developers, modders will be able to modify Startpos, CEOs, Database tables, Variant mesh definitions, Battle maps, Lua scripts, new character portraits, as well as add custom models and animations.

Unfortunately, the Assembly Kit for Total War: Three Kingdoms will not provide full modding support. What this means is that following aspects of the game will not be moddable: campaign battle maps, campaign map hexes (i.e. the logical campaign map), audio files, game code, creation of battle assets such Prefabs, Audio files, Composite scenes and VFX.

Last but not least, Creative Assembly has stated that it will be curating the workshop and remove any mods that breach the modding terms found in the game’s EULA.

Those interested can download the modding tools/Assembly Kit via the game’s Library -> Tools tab section.

Have fun!