Nvidia’s Tom Petersen: We don’t expect G-Sync to work with other GPUs anytime soon

Nvidia G-SYNC

Nvidia’s G-Sync technology seems to be the next big thing according to both reporters and developers that attended the green team’s recent Montreal event. However, it seems that customers will have to rely solely on Nvidia’s GPUs in order to enjoy this new tech, as G-Sync won’t work with other GPUs in the foreseeable future.

This is something most of us already guessed, but we’ve got official confirmation about it from Nvidia’s Tom Petersen. In a lengthy video interview with PCPerspective, Petersen claimed that other GPUs won’t be able to take advantage of G-Sync and it won’t be Nvidia’s work to make other GPUs work with it. This obviously means that Intel and AMD will have to put some effort in order to make their cards compatible with G-Sync, provided they want to support such a feature.

As Petersen told PCPerspective when this question came up:

“The answer is we don’t expect that to be the case [Editor’s note: to work with other GPUs]. First of all there is a lot of collaboration between the GPU and the G-Sync module. It took us, you know, a while to get this to work perfectly and I don’t expect any other graphics card would do that naturally anytime soon. There is hardware inside Kepler and in future GPUs that makes this happen elegantly. So it’s going to be sometime before we see anybody else that would probably want or be capable of doing it. Now even after theyre wanting and capable of doing it, it’s not our job to make sure that the G-Sync module works well with any other GPU. And so I don’t expect we’d spend any time on that or perhaps we wouldn’t even head down that path at all.”

So, overall bad news for AMD users. It remains to be see whether this feature will be enough to convince players investing on something like that, especially when that extraordinary feature could become useless once PC users upgrade their system with a GPU from a different manufacturer.

Enjoy the full interview of Nvidia’s Tom Petersen with PCPerspective below (the question is answered at the 49:50 mark point).

NVIDIA G-Sync Overview and Explanation with Tom Petersen - PC Perspective