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Nvidia’s 900M Series Chips Lose Overclocking Ability with Newest Drivers

Nvidia recently confirmed on their forums that the mobile versions of Nividia’s 900 series chips no longer support overclocking thanks to the newest drivers.

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Nvidia’s reason for doing so according to Customer Care associate ManuelG, is that overclocking can harm mobile processors because of limited cooling. This is true for many laptops and overheating can reduce the lifespan ¬†of the chip over time or even quickly damage it. Not all laptops are created equal though and many overclockers even create their own coolers for their devices.

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Many users are upset by Nvidia’s decision to lock out overclocking on their chips, because they had this ability upon purchasing their devices. Maybe Nvidia will decide to reverse their decision here in the next few weeks. Only time will tell.

What do you think about that overclocking fiasco? We’re you one of the many mobile users affected by this decision? Let us know in the comments below.