Nvidia – Next-Gen Visuals Powered By Global Illumination & Flame Effects Rivaling Those Of Deep Down

Nvidia GI

We’ve been constantly asking developers in our past interviews whether their games were supporting Global Illumination. You see, we strongly believe that GI – as well as Ray Tracing or Path Tracing – are the future of PC (and next-gen consoles) graphics. And thankfully, Nvidia has presented some new GI techniques during its Montreal event earlier today. Not only that, but the company has also unveiled some new Flame effects that put Deep Down’s flame effects to shame. Instead of presenting 2D flames with lots of particles, Nvidia implemented some stunning volumetric flame effects that can interact with objects and the environment. You can find videos from the aforementioned techniques below, so go ahead and take a look at the future of gaming graphics!

NVIDIA Flame Works Demo - Awesome Volumetric Fire and Smoke