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NVIDIA Puts Game-Ready Driver Downloads Behind “GeForce Experience” Wall

NVIDIA is known for pushing out frequent Game-Ready drivers for a number of video-games. In fact, this is one of the reasons PC gamers prefer NVIDIA over AMD. Well, this attitude may change as NVIDIA will put its game-ready drivers behind a “GeForce Experience” wall.

As the green team revealed to the USA press only, in mid-December it will lock is game-ready drivers to GeForce Experience. As a result of that, PC gamers will need to: a) install GeForce Experience and b) register a verified email address with NVIDIA.

NVIDIA will still provide drivers that can be downloaded from GeForce.com or from Windows Update, however these drivers will be limited to quarterly releases.

So if you want to get an updated SLI profile or those sweet optimizations for the X game that got recently released, you’ll need to play by NVIDIA’s rules. Which sucks and hopefully the fan backlash will be enough to force NVIDIA change this anti-consumer plan.

Fan fuct: AMD may have a chance here if it steps up its game and starts releasing drivers more frequently that its rival!