NVIDIA PhysX FleX v0.25 Sample Demo Available for Download

NVIDIA users, here is something for you today. Remember those amazing FleX effects we featured a while back? Well, today you can get a taste of them yourselves as you can download a standalone sample tech demo. 

This tech demo requires NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA 3.0 or greater, 32/64-bit Windows, and at least GeForce 306.94 driver.

Those interested can download the demo from here.

Here is how you can install this tech demo.

1. extract the package to any directory using http://www.7-zip.org
2. go to bin\x64\ or bin\win32\ directory
3. run flexDemoRelease.exe
4. select a sample scene from the upper left menu
5. press ‘P’ to begin simulation (‘U’ to toggle full screen).

And here are the controls:

WASD – Fly Camera
Right mouse – Mouse look
Shift + Left mouse – Particle select and drag

Y – Toggle wave pool
J – Wind gust
H – Hide/show onscreen help
R – Reset current scene
Esc – Quit

Have fun!

PhysX Flex 0.25 - Sample Demo