Nvidia introduces a Frame Rate Limiter in its latest ForceWare drivers

Although we knew that Nvidia would introduce a new feature to its ForceWare drivers, we didn’t expect to find it hidden in the latest ForceWare 290.53. This new feature is called Frame Rate Limiter and as its title suggest, it can limit your framerate to a specific value. Unfortunately, the Frame Rate Limiter is not present on Nvidia’s Control Panel, therefore you’ll need Nvidia’s Inspector Tool, a third-party program, to enable it. How does this work and why would someone want to limit his framerate? Keep reading to find out why.
This Frame Rate Limiter is basically addressed to those experiencing performance issues with the latest games. Obviously, if you own one of the high-end GPUs, there is no reason at all in limiting your framerate, unless you are experiencing big spikes and drops between various scenes in your games. A quick FPS decrease may result in choppy experience, even if the framerate doesn’t drop bellow 60s. In order to avoid those spikes, you can limit your framerate to 60s and enjoy your games without any issues. On the other hand, those with older GPUs can limit their framerate to 40s and avoid the FPS spikes that could possibly drive them crazy and ‘hurt’ their eyes.
So make no mistake, this is a really useful feature that will appeal to every PC gamer. But how can you enable it? Well, as we said, you need the Nvidia Inspector Tool. Then, you’ll need to modify the CustomSettingsNames XML in inspector in order to make this new feature visible. Or you can download this modified version that will save you the trouble. Unzip and paste the files in Inspector’s folder and overwrite the old ones. Now open the Inspector Tool, browse the games’ profiles and voila. Frame Rate Limiter is visible and can be set to various values. Make sure to also enable VSync when using the Frame Rate Limiter as your games may feel ‘choppy’ even when they are running at constant 60fps.
Enjoy everyone and happy gaming!