NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080Ti – First official details leaked – 11GB of VRAM, 35% faster than GTX1080, $699

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Gaming Celebration is about to begin, however the first details about its new upcoming graphics card, the GeForce GTX1080Ti, have been leaked online.

The GeForce GTX1080Ti will feature 11GB of VRAM, and will be 35% faster than the GeForce GTX1080. According to NVIDIA, the GeForce GTX1080Ti is the best Ti ever produced. The GeForce GTX1080

It will feature 12 billion transistors, 1.6Ghz boost clock (with the ability to overclock to 2Ghz), 28SMs with 128 cores each, 3584 CUDA cores, 28 Geometry units, 224 Texture units, 6GPCs, 88 ROP units and 352-bit GDDR5X.

According to rumours, this brand new graphics card will be made available in March.

NVIDIA has also announced that the GeForce GTX1080 will be now priced at $499.

The GeForce GTX1080Ti is more powerful than the Titan X Pascal, will be priced at $699 and will be coming next week!

Introducing the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti – ULTIMATE GEFORCE