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NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 unable to run Monster Hunter World with 60fps on highest settings at 1440p, PC screenshots [UPDATE]

Monster Hunter World releases next month on the PC and it appears that some people have already gotten their hands on it. Resetera’s ‘FluffyQuack‘ who got access to it has shared some initial performance impressions, and shared some PC screenshots that you can find below.

As FluffyQuack noted, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 is simply unable to offer a 60fps experience at 1440p on the Highest settings. On High settings this powerful GPU is able to offer 60fps in the Hub area and on Medium settings it can offer 65fps. Ouch.

“I did a quick performance test in the starting hub (running the game at 2560×1440):
Highest preset: 44
Highest preset (except for volumetric set to “high”): 50
High preset: 60
Mid preset: 65
Low preset: 108″

FluffyQuack used an Intel i7-4790K with 16GB of RAM so obviously he was not CPU limited. Moreover, he noted that Capcom has added a very taxing option, called Volume Rendering Quality, and that’s the first setting that gamers should disable in order to improve performance.

Do note that the aforementioned numbers appear to be minimum framerates as the user provided a comparison between the Highest settings with and without Volume Rendering Quality, and the game was running with 78fps. Still, it’s pretty obvious that PC gamers will need a GTX1080Ti in order to play it at 1440p, despite the fact that the game’s visuals are similar to those found in the console version.

Last but not least, here are the PC screenshots that FluffyQuack captured!


FluffyQuack got in touch with us and clarified his results. Those framerates that he listed aren’t supposed to be seen as average framerates (and we’ve already said that these are initial impressions and you can consider them as the lowest framerates).

“Those framerates I listed aren’t supposed to be seen as average framerates. I included them to highlight the scalability when changing between graphics settings. I quickly noted the framerate with the camera still in the starting hub, and the default position just so happens to be looking at one of the more complex scenes in the hub.

I feel a bit bad as people are taking it as a serious performance test, when my post isn’t supposed to represent that at all. I’ve edited my original forum post with the numbers, so if you could edit your quote of my post to reflect that, then that would be appreciated.”