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NVIDIA GeForce 358.91 WHQL Released, Game-Ready For Fallout 4, Battlefront & SC2: Legacy of the Void

NVIDIA has released a new driver for its graphics cards. According to its release notes, the GeForce 358.91 WHQL driver is the game-ready driver for Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

Those interested can download this new driver from here.

Unfortunately, apart from being optimized for the aforementioned titles, this new driver does not come with any additional improvements, new SLI/3D profiles, or new fixes.

Game Ready
-Learn more about how to get the optimal experience for Fallout 4, Star Craft II: Legacy of
the Void, and Star Wars: Battlefront.
Application SLI Profiles.
-No SLI profiles were added with this release.
3D Vision Profiles
-No 3D Vision profiles were added with this release.
3D Compatibility Mode Profiles
-No compatibility mode profiles were added with this release.
Software Modules
– NView – version 146.78
– HD Audio Driver – version
– NVIDIA PhysX System Software – version 9.15.0428
– GeForce Experience – version
– CUDA – version 7.5